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Borrowed Time Trailer

Scene Clips from Borrowed Time

How Did I Get Here From There: The opening scene. After 25 years of writing music for film and television, Brad has hit the wall.

This Is Not A Normal Home: Brad explores his unusual childhood in his parents’ school of the arts.

Let It FLy: Brad’s early exposure to improvisation and creating music on the spot.

1969 – The Promise:  Brad comes of age in the 60’s and is inspired by his generation’s promise to change the world forever.

Radio Song:  Early 70’s – Brad opens for George Carlin at a local club and sings about what he sees in the world.

I Can Do This!:  Brad gets his first film.

The Troubador:  Mid 70’s – After some success composing scores for low budget films in New York, Brad (haunted by his youthful promise) goes to LA to try once more to get his career as a singer songwriter off the ground.

Getting the Terminator: Brad meets with a young director he’s never heard of and they screen his low budget action picture

No Better Time Than Now: The finale.