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Cold Sassy Tree

Cold Sassy Tree Cue: 

This was a wonderful project with great performances by Faye Dunaway and Richard Widmark, Frances Fisher and a young Neil Patrick Harris. Director Joan Tewkesbury was a pleasure to work with as well as producer Karen Danaher.

Ms. Dunaway was also a producer so I ended up spending a fair amount of time with her in my garage studio. Tough job, but someone’s got to do it! There was one afternoon that Faye needed to go up to the house to use the bathroom. She was gone for quite a while but eventually returned.  Later my housekeeper said,  “There was this blonde lady in the kitchen looking around in the pantry for a long time, I think I’ve seen her before.”  Guess she was hungry….

I feel very lucky that my career spanned a time that allowed me to have the opportunity to work with some classic Hollywood icons also including Jimmy Stewart and Bette Davis on the only project they ever did together (more on that later).

It was a challenge to find a way to be true to the early 1900’s period with the primitive samplers that were available at the time. I would love to have done this with live orchestra, but ah, well, can’t have it all…

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I spent the majority of my adult life composing original scores for film and television, working on a wide range of projects (The Terminator, Big Easy, The Accused, True Lies), with an amazing assortment of people( James Cameron , Katherine Bigelow , Arthur miller, Vanessa Redgrave, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford). I took some time to examine my life and realized that my youthful dream of using my talent and creativity to make a difference in the world was not being fulfilled in Hollywood. I ended up turning that exploration into a one man musical called Borrowed Time.