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Immediate Family: A Director Stands for His Composer

Immediate Family End Credits:

Director Jonathan Kaplan really fought hard to get me on this picture. For some reason the head of the studio got it in her head that I couldn’t do the job. Maybe because I had done The Accused with Jonathan and that was a darker serious film and this was a poignant comedy? Who knows. But I don’t think I’ve ever had another director go to the wall like he did. After much tribulation, letter writing etc., he got his way and I was hired. In the end after the screening of the finished film the exec stopped Jonathan and said ” well your boy did a great job”. It is often a challenge for composers in Hollywood to get the powers that be to realize that they can write a wide range of scores. Occasionally someone has the personal fortitude to stand up to them. Thanks Jonathan!

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I spent the majority of my adult life composing original scores for film and television, working on a wide range of projects (The Terminator, Big Easy, The Accused, True Lies), with an amazing assortment of people( James Cameron , Katherine Bigelow , Arthur miller, Vanessa Redgrave, Anthony Hopkins, Robert Redford). I took some time to examine my life and realized that my youthful dream of using my talent and creativity to make a difference in the world was not being fulfilled in Hollywood. I ended up turning that exploration into a one man musical called Borrowed Time.