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What a treat to see and hear legendary film composer Brad Fiedel take us on a musical tour of his life and work. Funny, heartwarming, at times even heartbreaking — and always, that truly great music.  It was a wonderful evening. Howard Goldberg

Borrowed time is a very personal story that does more than take us inside the life of a composer and film industry insider.  I’m not sure what I expected, but what I found was a deeply personal story of dreams, disappointments, ideals, defeats and ultimately self-discovery.  It takes courage to follow one’s heart…particularly when it’s not aligned with current reality.  Brad Fiedel knows this territory and shares it with sublime vulnerability. Tamra Rutherford
After an exhausting day at work, my wife and I made the journey on a week night from Los Angeles to Santa Barbara to see Brad Fiedel’s one man show. However, after seeing this brilliant piece of musical theater that truly revealed Brad’s amazing career, it was well worth every mile we drove to witness such an intimate and creative way “Borrowed Time” unfolded. Even though I’d drive twice as far next time, I can’t wait until he comes to Los Angeles to perform. It’s a must see! Stan Evenson
“Brad Fiedel’s one-man show ‘Borrowed Time’ is a moving self-portrait about a life in music. What makes this piece interesting to me is the tension between Brad’s professional aspirations–fulfilling the expectations put on a Hollywood film composer–on the one hand, and what you might call his soul identity as a singer/songwriter on the other. The structural tension and satisfying irony in the work is that he tells about being pulled away from songwriting towards the money and glamor of the movies in a series of beautiful songs. Even as you’re lamenting the choice, you’re hearing about it from him in his extraordinary tenor and fine piano work and you can’t help but feel very glad everything turned out this way. I highly recommend this inspiring and entertaining play. Crisman Cooley
It was amazing.  Borrowed Time tells the story of Brad’s very interesting life.  The hook is how his young and idealistic promise to change the world with his music get sidetracked, as he gets caught up with a career and family.  It’s not until he has achieved wild success writing musical scores and collaborating with famous Hollywood icons, and years have passed, than he decides to make his dream of performing his songs come alive (through this same musical play, Borrowed Time).  The script is interesting, his acting impeccable and the music is well performed.  The musical score kind of reminded me of Billy Joel.  I thoroughly enjoyed it as did the others that went to the Center Stage Theater in Santa Barbara. Bruce Turner
Brad Fiedel’s energy, the pathos, the highs and lows and his way of being real with the audience were truly moving. Borrowed Time is not only entertaining and definitely worth going to see, it was uplifting to witness the quest of one man to find himself in the crazy world of Hollywood with its desire and allure. I was moved, touched and inspired watching the journey of how one man pursued being true to his heart. I loved it. Paul Erlich
 Borrowed Time presents a heartfelt and intimate view into the world of Brad Fiedel, acclaimed composer of the Terminator and many more Hollywood films. Brad takes the audience through a personal journey of monologues, visuals, music and song that expresses his long held hopes and dreams of changing the world through his music and of his successes and failures throughout his life. I was moved, I was inspired, I laughed, I cried. This was an ambitious piece of theater and Brad pulled it off with honesty, vulnerability, heart and soul. A must see one man show. Tricia Evenson
What a terrific road map of self-examination this is!  Brad Fiedel shows us that reliving triumphs and regrets is but a truthful investigation, filled with a curiosity that delivers a celebration and acceptance of this most talented artist’s life in full stride, as well as the courage to press on in a direction that finally recognizes and accepts the joy in his life. Congratulations!  (And, may we all find that kind of courage!). Tony Miratti
Borrowed Time, a unique musical portraying the talents and life of Hollywood composer Brad Fiedel, will entertain you, move you and inspire you to think ~ and act ~ differently about everything in life. It’s a must-see for those who appreciate music that’s both beautiful and meaningful. Elisabeth Donati
Through song and story, Brad Fiedel fearlessly invites us into the story of his life, which though exceptional in many ways, Brad manages to show us is our life too. His journey is our journey. His questions are our questions. It’s a show worth seeing, a journey worth taking, for the songs, for the stories, but mostly for the questions it asks and one man’s struggle to find the answers. John Luca